Thursday, May 13, 2010

Surprise No School Day!

The morning started fairly normally. My sweet hubby had actually made coffee before I got up, so that was nice! The oldest was awake too, and getting himself ready for school. For once, there were no dr appts, church schedule, or needing to get LB (the 3 yr old)ready for school. Jimmy (my oldest) went out the door for the bus at his normal time, about 6:55am. I've gotten the middle two up, and they are getting ready for school, I even find Joey's Star Wars shirt for him, I'm rocking as a mom! At 7:08am, I get a call from Jimmy, "Is school closed today?" "Um, no?" He tells me that the boy who waits with him at the bus got a text from his sister saying school is closed. I check the school website - nothing. I check the weather line - nothing. I turn the TV on to Fox, still nothing. I call the school, and the main admin number, voice mail only. Meanwhile, I have an increasingly more frantic child calling me trying to figure out what's going on. I finally tell him to just come back home and we will figure it out. At NO TIME do I think about looking on Face book, for which I am smacking myself even now. Instead, I call another parent and am told, "The power is out at the school, so no school today!"

I spend a solid 10 minutes ranting about not being informed, and how annoyed I am, even posting to FB about it, which then embarrassed me because of course, everyone else knew because they watched a different TV channel and already knew about it. I also feel stupid because I never heard sirens, or thought anything more than a thunderstorm had gone on the night before! As Jimmy walks in the door, the school message line calls to announce ALL Union schools are closed, which includes the middle boys. Gaaaaaaahhhh!! I gotta keep all four of them at home!? Noooooooo!!!

Hubby gets to escape by going to a morning class, and ignores my pleas to take me with him. I make the kids clean up the living room and den, trying to deal with the bickering. I inform all of them I WILL be finishing my book, so they had better be nice! Of course, they just keep picking at each other. Finally I tell the two middle boys to go outside and play. William (the 9 yr old) asks, "Can I take my water gun outside?" I tell him to make sure his brother has a gun too. The next 45 minutes are blissful, even when they spray my bedroom window with the hose - at least I get to read my book! The 3 yr old has found some of his old toys that work with new batteries. He settles down happily to play with a Blue's Clues alphabet game. Ahhhh, peace. I'm talking to a doctor's office about an appt when I hear my oldest yell, "Of course he can shoot you, you have a water gun!!!" The doctor's office assumes it's me talking, and cracks up about it. Unfortunately. all good things must come to an end, and they come back in. Turns out Joey (the 6 yr old) had an irrepressible urge to pee due to the water, and has to take a shower to clean up. I decide this all would make a good post and start to work on it. LB (the 3 yr old) demands a piece of sticky tape. I give it to him. He sticks it to my arm. I keep typing. Everyone gets lunch, and so far, everyone is still alive. Then again, it's only 1pm, so there are no guarantees. I did finish my book at least!


  1. HAHAHA! I like how you are able to find humor even in the crappy events. On the school thing, they didn't do a very good job of notifying, it sounds like. More and more school districts are going to an automatic system that parents can sign up for that will either call or text you in emergency situations like that. When it doesn't screw up, those systems are nice!

  2. Yes, it does have an automatic system, but they didn't get it together until nearly 7:20am. Oh well! I enjoy finding the humor in situations, helps keep things in perspective :)

  3. i like the sticky tape part hahaha